About Us

Selena Gomez, founder of the Rare Impact Fund

Our Founder

Artist, actress, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and producer Selena Gomez has been a leading voice dedicated to making a change in the lives of young people because she believes that everyone, regardless of their age, race, gender, sexual orientation, or background, should have access to the resources needed to support their mental health. Selena started the Rare Impact Fund shortly before launching Rare Beauty, making a commitment to donate 1% of all sales from Rare Beauty products to the Rare Impact Fund, in addition to raising $100 million in contributions toward youth mental health. 

Mission + Vision

Our Vision  

The Rare Impact Fund envisions a world in which all young people have access to mental health care, stigma-free community support, and culturally responsive resources.  

Our Mission  

The Rare Impact Fund is a catalyzing force, leveraging philanthropic partnerships to raise $100 million and distribute those funds to organizations that increase access to mental health services and education for young people globally.  

With our community, we are:

Directing philanthropic funding to youth mental health organizations

Expanding access to mental health resources and services for young people around the world

Raising awareness to destigmatize mental health

What We Do

The Rare Impact Fund supports mental health nonprofit organizations that provide school-based interventions, culturally sensitive programming, community development, and suicide prevention and crisis support to young people everywhere. Together, with our growing network of experts, donors, and community, we are raising the profile of our nonprofit partners through grants and social capital with the aim of reaching more young people across the globe.  

Photo of a teacher writing on a white board

Expanding access to mental health resources for young people by growing the evidence base

The Rare Impact Fund collects and analyzes quantitative and qualitative data that informs our approach to delivering grants and resources globally. As we deepen our knowledge surrounding the youth mental health landscape, we are collaborating with our nonprofit partners to assess the needs of the communities they directly serve and the impact their programming and resources have on young people, the stakeholders in the space, and educational systems.

Our commitments to the field recognize the racial mental health disparities among people who are Black, Indigenous, and/or people of color (BIPOC) and LGBTQ+. Simultaneously, BIPOC-led and mental health-focused organizations that have arisen to meet their communities’ needs due to COVID-19, are severely under-resourced.

The Rare Impact Fund is committed to advancing equitable access to mental health by supporting a portfolio currently comprised of 40% BIPOC-led domestic organizations and 20% of global organizations led by leaders of color, all of which bring critical perspectives and awareness to the field.

A photo of a woman looking at a Didi Hirsch poster

Directing philanthropic funding to youth mental health organizations by fostering collaboration with philanthropic partners and our community to raise funds

According to recent data, the global government spend on mental health remains scarce at only 2%, with only 39% of responding countries indicating that the necessary human resources have been allocated and 34% that the required financial resources had been provided.

The Rare Impact Fund is partnering with companies, foundations, individuals, and our community to raise friends and funds to drive much needed capital toward youth mental health. Through collective learning and cross collaboration, the Rare Impact Fund is identifying like-minded partners to amplify and fund more nonprofit organizations supporting youth mental health and the broader field.

We seek to grow our community

Raising awareness to destigmatize mental health by amplifying mental health resources to reach more young people and their support networks.

The Rare Impact Fund collaborates with our nonprofit partners to co-create mental health content that elevates their mission and services for broader audiences.